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Busy Bird Coffee

250g Organic Phoenix Blend

250g Organic Phoenix Blend

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Indulge in the intense flavours of our medium-bodied Organic coffee blend.

With every shot, embrace the vibrant notes of juicy plum, succulent berries, and velvety dark chocolate, crafting a symphony of taste that is sure to delight. Savour the clean, smooth aftertaste that lingers, inviting you to savour the moment.

Sourced from the captivating regions of Colombia and Guatemala, these coffee beans embody the essence of exceptional coffee craftsmanship. Elevate your coffee experience and enjoy the rich flavours and aromatic bliss that this remarkable blend offers Roasted here in Byron Bay.

  • A lively, medium bodied coffee
  • Flavours of plum, berries & dark chocolate
  • Clean, smooth aftertaste
  • 100% Organic, rainforest alliance certified and as a bonus, our Guatemalan bean is also sourced from a ‘bird friendly’ farm.

Origins: Colombia & Guatemala 

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