Our Ethos

We are big believers in ‘voting with your fork’ and are always striving to improve our environmental impact. Our coffee beans are sourced from certified organic farms only, including our decaf! They are rainforest alliance certified and some are also from a bird friendly farm, quite a rarity in the coffee world!

Our wholesale beans are delivered in reusable airtight drums whenever possible, our takeaway cups are Australian certified home compostable and delivery will always be done in the most environmentally focussed way we can.

Within our cafe offering, we source locally wherever possible, including weekly farmers market pickups to collect some produce directly at its freshest! We use compostable packaging wherever we can and always encourage you to dine-in if you are able to reduce waste further. Consider it a moment of mindfulness while you sip your coffee in a beautiful space!

Re-usable smoothie and coffee cups are always welcomed as are airtight coffee canisters when picking up beans for home!

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